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About Me

About Me

Hello! I'm a TV Editor with over a decade of experience in multiple genres from talk, docu-comedy, competition, stage shows and scripted. I've been fortunate to contribute to 7 Emmy awards between the Steve Harvey show and Carpool Karaoke. Originally from Missouri and Chicago, I currently reside in Los Angeles with the goal to work in scripted narrative, specifically scripted comedy.

When I work on a show, I'm all in. I'm extremely passionate about bringing the best story to life - just as much as you are. As a storyteller, there is nothing better than creating a lasting impression and emotional connection with an audience. That's why I love my job so much. I get to learn, challenge myself creatively, and have fun in the process. Creating worthwhile stories is a team effort, which is why my goal is to create an atmosphere of trust and respect between all of post, producers, and directors.

Nothing else in my life ever interested me as much a editorial. I remember in high school getting to work on my first Avid. I knew the endless hours of TV watching as a kid finally came in handy. I found I had a natural instinct for when to cut and where and how to enhance a video to emotionally connect with an audience. Having grown up in a small town there wasn't much opportunity to edit, so I did everything I could to be in the TV world. I worked at the local NBC affiliate KOMU, the Journalism School, I even had a brief stint at blockbuster. I did all of this in conjunction with studying at the University of Missouri full time where I curated my own bachelor's degree to specialize in post production. This love for editorial brought me to London where I studied abroad for a semester to work as the in-house editor for a documentary series that won the Shanghai Grand Prix award called "London A to Z".

While I enjoy challenges in many different genres and don't want to put myself in a box, I do favor working in comedy. I prefer editing in Avid, but can also work in Premiere.

When I'm not editing I'm spending time with my family, watching my two boys grow up, going hiking, beach outings, traveling, going to comedy shows and concerts.

Let's collaborate and make great TV together!




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